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Debian GNU/Linux Live-CD

This project aimes at creating a Linux Live-CD based on Debian GNU/Linux. It does not provide the whole CD-Image, but it provides the program to create the image.

Last official release of mklivecd: mklivecd_0.01-1_i386.deb.
Snapshots of the latest sources are available via anonymous CVS access.


What is the difference to other Live-CD projects?

Other Live-CD projects found in the net..

Mklivecd is based on Debian GNU/Linux. It changes the original Debian installation as little as possible.
You only have to start the mklivecd program - - with as little interaction as possible - to build the Live-CD ISO-Image.

What kind of image-types are provided?

At the moment the project is at the beginning of the development process and the released version build a very small basic Linux system.
Later on, it should be possible to select an image-type and mklivecd will build it with a minimum of user interaction.
An image type is a set of packages which defines the type of the image, e.g.

A Server with a lot of services like, web, mail, dhcp, ldap.
A typical user client, connected to the server.
A standalone workstation with a small set of service processes.

Where can I get more information about mklivecd?

At the moment, the documentation is not ready for use. It is recommended to start with the mklivecd shell script.


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